Support Staff

Bedias Tunkanya

Cycling Coordinator

  • YOB: 1998
  • Joined the team aged: 16
  • Nickname: Beddy
  • Training food: Energy bars and coffee
  • Most memorable cycling moment to date: 1Zambia 2019. My expectations weren't too high as I was riding with a junior, but we placed 3rd overall.
  • What I am most thankful for about the Kansanshi Cycling Development programme is that it gives opportunities to the community through the channel of cycling.

Joseph Daka

Cycling Coach

  • Nickname: Schwarzee
  • Been a coach since: 2014
  • Best training food: Bar One
  • Most memorable cycling moment to date: Gaining points for Zambia for the first time at the Nedbank XCO race in Nambia, 2019.
  • What I most appreciate about the Kansanshi Cycling Development programme is that it gives everyone equal opportunities not only in cycling but also in education.

Michael Olokani

Senior Mechanic

  • YOB: 1989
  • Joined the team aged: 27
  • Nickname: Jungle Michael
  • Most memorable cycling moment to date: 1Zambia 2019: It was the perfect weekend for me and my partner as we took first place. Another memorable moment was the Pruride cycling race in Lusaka, also in 2019.
  • What I most appreciate about being on the team is how we are helped and supported and how we now have cycling as a sport in Solwezi.

Kenny Mungidi

Junior Mechanic

  • YOB: 1997
  • Joined the team aged: 17
  • Nickname: Honourable
  • Training food: Biscuits
  • Most memorable cycling moment to date: Tour to Chingola
  • My appreciation goes to our sponsors for the great effort they are putting into our team. I've learnt new things, met new people and become part of the family that we have made as a team. Our sponsors have also helped me with schooling.

Eugene Kasempa

Community Outreach

  • YOB: 1997
  • Joined the team aged: 17, in 2014
  • Nickname: Ba Sir
  • Training food: Bananas
  • Most memorable cycling moment to date: I have two: The 2017 edition of 1Zambia as there were a lot of lessons that changed many things in my life such as temper control, working as a team and helping fellow racers. The other is the great honour of receiving new team bikes as this has shown that our sponsors are willing to keep the team running and that there is a future in cycling in Solwezi.
  • The Kansanshi Cycling Development team has been a blessing in my life. I have played different roles in the team which has helped me to formulate various ideas which will not only help the team but the community at large. I'm grateful to be sponsored in my studies as a primary school teacher.

Ryan Ellis

Men's Coach

Nora Richards

Women's Coach

Nickname: Nunu

When did you begin cycling? I did my first mtb 'race' when I was 6. 10 years later, mountain biking was offered as a high school sport, and I eagerly joined. I've been racing ever since!

Favourite training food? Nuts & chocolate

James Stephenson

FQM Corporate Social Responsibility - Sports

  • When did you begin cycling? I enjoyed cycling from a young age but cycled competitively only in triathlon.
  • What are some of your top sporting successes? Won short course triathlon event in Beijing World Championships thanks to a fast cycle leg. My sport as a professional was rowing: I rowed for Great Britain at various World Championships for many years. While studying a theology degree at Oxford, I was part of the winning team in the 7 km boat race against Cambridge University.
  • What is your coaching experience? I have various coaching qualifications but there's no substitute for passion and experience! For example, in my first coaching job I coached 4 girls from a little known rowing school to become the fastest schoolgirl squad of all time, breaking numerous records.
  • How did you become involved with Kansanshi Cycling? I joined in 2019 to help the structure of the team and their training, and to empower local Zambians to be able to run their own team at a world class standard. FQM is a world class company and they expect nothing less from the cycling team that they sponsor. I help FQM Corporate Social Responsibility with all of their sporting interests and the Kansanshi Cycling Team is a big part of this.
  • Best memory so far with the team? My favourite times with the team are training with them and seeing how fast some of them are! I love seeing our deaf athlete, Kaumba, steam past me with his thumb up and a broad smile on his face!
  • Hopes for the team? The hopes and aspirations of the team are to create opportunities through sport. No one can cycle forever and not everyone can cycle fast but we can all learn great values and principles that can help us in life.