The Kansanshi Cycling Development Programme is driven by a long term vision focused on the personal development of individuals, and which develops results over time.

Goals and aims of the programme include:

  • To develop competent, competitive cyclists who value the opportunity to compete above winning.
  • To instill values of hard work, discipline and personal responsibility within the cyclists. During their time on the programme, the cyclists are required to follow a rigorous daily training schedule; to keep their equipment and accommodation in good order; to pass on their skills by assisting to coach young school children; to maintain existing cycling routes and help build new ones; to assist in preparing and setting up Kansanshi races and events, and to conduct themselves in a manner befitting sports ambassadors.
  • To help the cyclists become productive and active members of society by maximising their talents on and off the bike. The programme works towards this by supporting those who are academically able, to earn a tertiary qualification. Other cyclists may earn the opportunity to enter the FQM or FQM-related workforce.
  • To demonstrate to the community how sport can benefit young people who display discipline and drive. To provide hope to young people who have not had much opportunity in life, and to provide an avenue by which they can grow and seize new opportunities

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