The Kansanshi Cycling Team has worked hard to achieve cycling success. Some of their notable achievements include:


  • Anita Yama was the 2019 African U23 Women's MTB Champion and won the women's U23 African XCO Championships that year.
  • Another young cyclist from Trident College, Kirstin McDonald, was the African U16 Women's MTB champion in the same year and also won the women's U16 African XCO Championship. Whilst she is not a team member, her riding has been motivated by the success of the Kansanshi Development programme and its knock-on effect on the surrounding community.

View their race results.

  • We sent the first Junior Zambian team to compete in Junior AFCON cycling championships.
  • A number of riders finish in the top ten in Zambia's biggest stage race, 1Zambia. One of our men's teams won the event in 2019. Benard Saulombu has been part of the winning team twice, and is also the youngest ever winner.

Look at the 1Zambia 2019 Highlights video here and 2019 results here.


  • Kansanshi cyclists represented Zambia at AFCON cycling championships in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • We sent a team to race the prestigious Tour de Limpopo, where they raced amongst some of the best road racers in the world.


  • Agoster Jilowa was contracted to a professional cycling team in South Africa.
  • Some team members were selected to take part in UCI training camp in South Africa.